Why Triple Twist?

Long story short, the name was inspired by a gymnastic skill that has varying degree of difficulty depending on the apparatus.  Drawing from that concept, I feel that there are many different sides and interpretations that you can get from a picture whether you are the person who is enjoying it or producing it.  I don't believe that there are "right" or "wrong" pictures, instead there's a little something for everyone as you twist your imagination around it.   




Gymnastics Crash Course

 I believe deep down in my monkey heart that I was a gymnast in my previous lives, and that God was playing a prank and took it away from me on this life.  (Yes in the alternate universe, the hardest vault in the world would be an Alexander with D score of 8.5 consisting of a Yurchenko entry with Quintuple twists in laid out position.)

Kidding aside, as a big fan of gymnastics, I love watching a hard skill being performed safely and beautifully just like our favorite NBC commentator - Tim Daggett always say, "Man, she/he made the skill looked so easy!"  

Triple Twist on FX, an E-Rated Skill on CoP 2013-2016 

Triple Twist on FX, an E-Rated Skill on CoP 2013-2016 

A Triple Twist may or may not be the hardest skill depending on the apparatus.  On Floor Exercise, it is an E-Rated skill that has been performed countless time by many gymnasts across the world.

On Vault, a Triple Twist translates into a completely different animal as it's considered a very, very hard skill to perform.  For example, our favorite McKayla Maroney is famous for performing one of the best women's vault in the world - The Amanar aka 2.5 Twisting Yurchenko.  This vault is currently valued at 6.3 Difficulty, and is considered one of the hardest vault in women's gymnastics.  Yeap, it's not quite a Triple Twist.


There is currently no female gymnast that has successfully performed a Triple Twisting vault in an international competition (a requirement to get a skill named after a gymnast), although it has been successfully performed by the great Japanese gymnast Kenzo Shirai on 2013 Wold Championships.

Not too shabby eh, so there you have it.  As a bonus, here's a Quad Twist on floor performed by the same Mr. Twist.