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The Young & The Restless

Last week I had the chance to photograph my colleague's daughter for her homecoming party.  The initial plan was to take the group shots by the neighborhood pond before the sun sets down.  But alas, dealing with the Gen Y crowd, you kinda have to adjust your local time zone as well =D.

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Two is better than nothing.

Two is better than nothing.

Another thing that I noticed, these Instagram generations should I put it, very "proficient" in the art of picture taking.  It almost reminds me of the ancient art of "Bend..and Snap!", for those of you who still remember the awesome Legally Blonde.   Those side, it's military style.  1...2...3...Snap!

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So finally we met with the rest of the Brady Bunch by the school.  After some sneaking in and getting kicked out by the super-intendent, we settled with the good-ole-faithful brick wall as back drop for group pics.

And lastly, my favorite pic out of the entire night:

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That's all for now folks, thanks for reading and until next time.