Ivan's love for All-Things-Internet can only be rivaled by his love towards Gymnastics (See pic above).  When he's not busy dealing with the World's addiction toward fossil fuel, he spends his time nurturing his passion in Yoga, Music, Photography, Technology, and of course, Gymnastics.  

He has spent countless hours learning and producing beautiful images by working with local Yoga teachers, clients, friends and families.  Whether he is sweating his rear off in yoga class or snapping some pictures, he loves to spend time with all the wonderful people at his favorite yoga studio, YogaOne

Aside from photography, Ivan is also blessed with the ability to play music by ear.  Armed with a musical instrument and camcorder, he delved into the uncharted territory of being a YouTube musician in the early age of YouTube.  Up to date, his YouTube Channel has garnered more than 7 Million views and close to 3000 subscribers.   Although the development of the channel has slowed down as he shifts his focus towards Photography, he's still actively playing music every week as a resident pianist in one of Houston's mega church.  He is also the current audio engineer for GymCastic, the #1 Gymnastics podcast on the web.